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The gay Ecclesiastes


Art and necessity (My father)   7
Music and language: a seductive confusion   31
Art and interpretation (The gay Ecclesiastes)   41
The work of art and its variants   47
Art and probabilities (John Cage and dice throwing)   51
Art and ego (On reading Glenn Gould)   65
Art and Panic (About Shostakovitch)   83
Art and decline (Domenico Beccafumi: St Michael Driving out the Rebel Angels)   85
Art and Museum (J.S. Bach : an a-historical take)   87
The work of art and its collectors   91
Art and accessibility (Miles Davis)   95
The Art of the word and the dangers of style (About Cioran)   103
The Art of the possible and the political unconscious (André Gide)   121
The Art of the possible and the political unconscious (continuation) (West meats East)   131
Self-Portrait (J.D. Salinger)   139
Next Chapter   165
An Interlude (Malcolm Lowry)   171
Numbers   175
The architecture of Chaos (Mitchell Jay Feigenbaum)   185
The hazards of thought (Terente Robert)   211
Art, perception, understanding (A scholar's portrait)   233
The styles of thinking tested in music   239
Displacement, inversion, condensation, mise en abyme (from Bergson to Freud)   249
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