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Number Theory

pdf  Analytic renormalization of multiple zeta functions. Geometry and combinatorics of generalized Euler reflection formula for MZV

pdfEuler's constant as a renormalized value of Riemann zeta function at its pole. Rationals related to Dirichlet L-functions arXiv:1306.0496,

pdfFractal algebraic and linguistic structures generated by Laurent series for the Gamma function near its negative singularities arXiv:1302.3613,

pdf Lindenmayer systems and primes arXiv:0803.0852,



Dynamical Systems

pdf Generalized iteration, catastrophes and generalized Sharkovsky's ordering arXiv:0801.3755,

pdf General definitions of chaos for continuous and discrete-time processes arXiv:0802.0677,

pdf Stable periodic helixes, L-iteration and Chaos generated by unbounded functions arXiv:0802.1401,

pdf Bifurcations, Schwarzian derivative and Feigenbaum constant revisited arXiv:0802.3313,

pdf On iterating operators and on generalized periodic orbits arXiv:0806.0112,

pdf Short note on additive sequences and on recursive processes arXiv:0806.3972,


Combinatorics / Number Theory

pdf Agoh's Conjecture: Its Generalizations, Its Analogues arXiv:1107.2938,


Number Theory / Dynamical Systems

pdf Pisot Numbers and Primes arXiv:1205.1054,

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